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Are you an agent and curious about our structure and considering a move to Dwell? We have a fee structure that allows you to put your money into your own business!

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Becoming a Dweller

If you already have an established Real estate business, find that you really don’t go into an office often and just want a company with a great brand and great people, Dwell Realty just may be the place for you!

What is the cost to be an agent at Dwell Realty? $650 a month, not per deal, per month! That’s it, no catch, no additional fees, just $650 a month no matter how many deals you close. Paperless Pipeline, E&O Insurance, Dwell signs, and the design for your cards and signage are ALL INCLUDED. Are you a dual OR/WA agent? Still, no additional fees, you get to hang your license in both states for the same cost ($650 a month). The icing on the cake, on Oregon transactions, all checks go directly to the agent from escrow 100%!

Have a team of 3+, $325 each per month.

Work with a Partner, just the 2 of you, $375 each per month.

Do you work at another brokerage in Oregon, but they don’t have a Washington office, hang it with us, we have a fee structure for that too!

Have a completely different need that’s not listed here, no problem, we’re always down to figure something out that works for everyone. It’s how we came up with these other structures….out of the needs of our agents!

Check out our Brand Book here: OREGON and WASHINGTON

Email us for more info we’d be happy to chat: dwell@dwellrealtypdx.com

Joining Dwell has been such incredible experience; from the supportive managing staff to the care and intention behind the brokerage model. Dwell is truly a brokerage that values the independent, entrepreneurial spirit while providing tools to agents on their terms that help one grow their business and serve their clients.

It feels very special to be both honored in one’s own vision and to have help close at hand.

Maryam Tu

Dwell Realtor

Working at Dwell has given me the flexibility and support that I need to authentically grow my business. Their network and community engagement has been pivotal in my success as a real estate agent.  

Cory Allen

Dwell Realtor

Dwell is a fantastic landing place for an experienced agent, offering the opportunity to practice all your avenues of business under one roof. I’ve been able to expand my residential business to include commercial real estate – and will soon be adding WA state to my territory, without having to join another firm! My business has steadily grown since joining Dwell. I’ve benefited immensely from the collaborative attitude of all of our agents. We are a community, and want only to do good for our clients and industry.

Janikka Byman

Managing Principal Broker, Dwell Realty

Interested in joining the Dwell team? Perhaps, this is your first time considering a boutique brokerage? The difference is astounding. Dwell has cornered the market on being the best neighborhood boutique realty company in Portland, Oregon. The owners simply do the right thing for their brokers at every turn. You can count on it! Tracey and Chris have truly created a collaborative environment where you can, and will, do your best real estate. You have the freedom to make the decisions on what is best for YOUR clients every single transaction. There are no quotas, there are no required splits or commissions that you must charge. Being the chief decision-maker comes with great responsibility and know-how. Your clients will notice the difference, I promise!

Dwell Realty allows you to do the right thing every single time within an office culture that backs you as a professional real estate broker. It is the best brokerage to be at as an experienced broker. Low fees, flexibility to make use of your own methods and skill that is individually tailored to your clients, so that your individual style and skills are highlighted. You can shine while serving your clients as you decide what fits each individual transaction. Everyone wins. Dwell Realty’s goal is to provide you with the foundation for your personal success. Why would you ever want to be anywhere else? This is home.

Christy Marshall

Long Time Dwell Realtor