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About Dwell Realty Portland

Lauren Goché

Realtor® at Dwell Realty

You know how Mary Poppins floats in on the East Wind, exactly when she is needed? She efficiently, lovingly and oddly knows how to make things just right?

A dear friend once pointed out to me that I had a habit of whisking in to help those around me during the big events of life — marriage, death, birth, moving or illness. This is one of the many reasons I love being a Realtor. I get to be part of an important event in people’s lives – the creation of a home.

Here it is: I’ve got a wanderlust spirit and a desire to stay home all at once. I’ve spent a lot of my years traveling, seeing the world during this extremely lucky life, crewing sailboats, waiting tables on a Mexican beach, and even was a nanny for a family in England (“Chim Chim Che-ree!”), but I attribute most of that ‘luck’ to my instincts, savvy, and drive to experience how other people live. I can’t get enough of people’s stories about where they’ve spent time, and what their passions are. I love to hear about why they love where they live.

Portland still dazzles and surprises me at every turn. Whether you are new, a transplant, or a native to Portland, we all live here because we love it. Personally, I love our weirdness, our community, our creativity, our green areas, our pockets of amazing neighborhoods, our food, and our sense that anything is possible. Having some incredible times as a guest in several homes of the world has fueled my desire to help people find their joy through where they choose to live. To see my clients so happy, while we meet their goals together is the reason why I’m in love with what I do.

Buying or selling a home isn’t always easy, and for a lot of people, it’s terrifying. I will never get sick of seeing people cry, squeal, and happy dance. We walk our dogs, meet for snacks, trade relationship, and Netflix binge advice, and share a sense of community.

Throughout this time of moving your life to another space, I’ll listen to you, and get excited with you. I’ll be there every step, or respectfully stand back. I know my way around cleaning grout and staging a drool-worthy living room. Specifics are my specialty. Are you looking for a creepy porch to blow the Halloween competition out of the water? We’ll find it together.

I live and die by being inspired, problem-solving, working hard, playing hard, following through, and listening. I try to have at least one from–the-gut laugh every day. Your adventures, whether it’s raising a family or buying your first home solo; I want to be part of that.
Because I will efficiently, lovingly, and oddly know how to make things right.

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