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Karin Schmidt

Realtor® Dwell Realty

Karin knows what it’s like to buy that first home. It’s a big deal. Your first big purchase. Your first big grown up, scary purchase. It doesn’t have to be scary when you have the right people helping you. After being in this industry for a little while, Karin has met the kind of people who feel the same she does about helping people and she has chosen them to help facilitate her transactions. Mortgage experts… check! Home Inspectors… check! Contractors… check! You get the idea.

Besides all of the business formalities, Karin understands the actuality of what you are buying or selling… a home. She is from Holland originally and there is a word/concept there called “Gezellig.” It is hard to translate but in the simplest terms it means when you walk into a room and you get that feeling of coziness… that’s “Gezellig.” It also translates into something like identifying great moments in life. For example, if someone invites you over for a dinner party and you walk in the door and there is a fire going, people laughing, squealing at your arrival, someone helps you with your coat and hands you a drink… that’s “Gezellig.” A home is a platform for those great moments to be acknowledged in life… and she gets that.

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