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Jenn Lizer

RealtorĀ® Dwell Realty

Top 10 things I thought I would NEVER do:

1. Live in Oregon one mile from my childhood home

2. Enjoy cooking

3. Graduate from college (truly it was my parents that thought it would NEVER happen)

4. Cowgirl-up chasing a cow on horseback

5. Have a kid

6. Say all the same annoying things to my daughters that my parents said to me when I was a kid

7. Let my sister set me up on a blind date

8. Marry the blind date my sister set me up on

9. Have a poodle as a pet

10. Get my real estate license

Sometimes life surprises you with some unexpected twists and turns. My real estate career was one of those “surprises.” My father was actually the family Realtor and, after 15 years in real estate, decided to retire. My father informed my sister and me that we still needed a real estate license in the family. After a heated argument with my sister, which I lost, I ended up with the real estate license.

I inherited a mix of residential and commercial clients and dove in, actually waded in. It was 2008 and the real estate market was moving a bit slow. Despite my reluctance, after the first year, I realized how much I loved it. It’s never boring and I am always learning new things that keep me interested in showing up for work. I have had some other unexpected twists and turns in my life and, despite my reluctance, they have also turned out better than expected.

You may have said, I will NEVER…

move again, sell this house, buy this house, be a landlord, invest in real estate, start a business, move or sell my business, get a job transfer, need to down-size, need to up-size.

I can help you with those unexpected twists and turns and, despite your reluctance, it may turn out better than you expect!

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