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Janikka Byman

Realtor® & Broker

Hi! I’m Janikka (Jah-NICK-ah),

Standing tall at 5’1″ and in love with my profession! (Also shoes.)

I’ve been selling and listing property since 2004, with countless satisfied clients – turned referrals.

I also love succulents, dry wine, big words, cheese, the desert, and traveling to foreign lands.

Ultimately, when I can educate and inform my clients about Portland and the Pacific NW (where I grew up, and have lived mostly all my life) … when I can introduce my clients to Portland’s many and unique neighborhoods and restaurants (many of which I’ve worked in and managed!) … when I can help them discover how exciting and dynamic this part of our country is, and show them how they can get more for their home than they ever realized … it’s the most rewarding experience for me!

I’m very excited to meet you.

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