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About Dwell Realty Portland

Chris Guinn III

Principal Broker & Co-owner at Dwell Realty

I am a lifetime resident of (what was) the best kept secret in the land, Portland Oregon. I have been a licensed real estate agent since 1998 and have managed to remain a top producer for the vast majority of this time. However, the key to success in this business is not how many homes sold or dollars produced, it lies solely within the relationships I have built and nurtured within my 25 plus years in business. I have never met a stranger and is my goal to treat EVERYONE with respect, this is my credo and the basis of my business. I value the very close knit group of family and friends and a large sphere of associates in my life. A natural love for people and the gregarious personality that I inherited from my lovely mother Ophelia Mae and awesome father Christopher Guinn Jr. keeps me stable and grounded in the things that matter most, people. They are gone now but I am thankful to have had them in my life.
We are proud the fact none of the agents here at Dwell Realty were “recruited” and they made a choice to seek out and come to our brokerage. We have chosen to grow our agency organically and thus this has created a family-like atmosphere that we feel is unmatched. Our agents are allowed to thrive and grow independently, creating their own businesses, within and under the umbrella of Dwell Realty..without the ego.
If you are someone looking for real estate services, an agent seeking to launch a career or make a change, you would be doing yourself a great favor to consider our family at Dwell Realty PDX.
Dwell Realty is simply a product of what we love most about what we do, building lifetime relationships through our work in the city of Portland.


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